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Friday, 15 May 2009

Gigrin Farm, Tower Hide.

Finally at the beginning of May this year I was able to get into the Tower Hide at Gigrin Farm at Rhayader. This gave me the opportunity to test my 300mm to its limits. I had heard a lot of good things about this hide. The inspiration for this shoot were from the World Renowned Photographer Andy Rouse. I regularly read his blog and remember coming across images that he took at Gigrin during february this year. ( I very nearly went there that day, I was totally gutted.)

You can see the images that inspired me on his blog at

On this day I set myself some goals for this day they were as follows:
  • A Red Kites Diving.
  • A Red Kite in the Landscape.
  • A Red Kite flying towards me.
  • A Red Kite eating in the Air.
If I got any of these I would be happy. The main one that I want is a Red Kite diving and that was my main aim for the day.

I found this quite a challenge at first as I was taking the photographs with the Camera attached to the wimberley head on my Gitzo Tripod. I found that as the birds are so fast I had to take the Camera of the tripod and handheld it. This was quite hard as the lens got heavy quite quick. The way I got around this was to watch the birds habits and when they started to dive, I would track one bird then wait for it to dive and take a few frames. Although the success rate was not very high I came away that day with images I was very Happy with.

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