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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Gigrin Farm, Gateway Hide 2.

As promised some of the images taken in the Gateway Hide.

Camera gear used.

Canon 1d mk11n
Canon 300 f2.8 IS
1.4 converter

Wimberley Head mounted on a SLIK 700DX tripod.

Camera settings used

ISO between 200 - 1000 depending on the lighting conditions. I was aiming to get a shutter speed of between 1/500 and 1/1000 second anything more was a bonus.

whitebalance was set to sunny.

Metering spot.

Camera was set to Aperture Priority Mode (AV). I find this mode gives me the control over the camera I need. If this fails I will take a spot meter reading with my light meter and dial it in manually and leave the camera set to that.
The camera was also set to Alservo mode with just the centre point active. By doing this I know that if I focus on the head of the bird it will be in focus. Although only the centre point is active, in the camera settings I have made active another 13 points around it. This is a major advantage of owning a 1D series camera.

Exposure compensation was set to 1/3 under.

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