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Thursday, 7 January 2010

The weather and its issues

Good old british weather strikes again. The weather has taken a turn for the worse in the last week and it is not good as this not only effects my project but more seriously it really effects the survival of wildlife in britain. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future and to see if any birds move to the red list of endangered species because of it.

Other wildlife photographers are mentioning it as well including Andy Rouse however he is making the most of it as he is photographing birds in his garden. Pity my garden is not big enough really to do this. Also cannot get of the drive to go anywhere as am snowed in.

BBC Springwatch crew have got so worried about this they have put on a special week of programs to make sure the people do feed the birds and to highlight migration and britains importance to the success of it.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bird Migration - Slimbridge 2009

Hi all it has been a while since I have posted any work on here. As part of my Degree I have been looking at bird migration. This is an area of photography that has interested me for a long time and there is so much that can be photographed with migration.

The day I went to Slimbridge I had been watching the weather very closely. It said that it was going to rain. By now I had had enough of the Great British Weather and also of the wrong predictions of the weather men. I decided days before no matter what the weather I was going to go to slimbridge even it was raining, as I needed to take some pictures.

I got up and as per usual it was raining, I stuck to my guns though and drove the Hour and 1/2 to Slimbridge. When I got there although very cold it was sunny and perfect weather for photography.

Another good thing was that the reserve was empty, with this I was able to go where ever I wanted and was not be disturbed, I think I saw 6 people all day most of them photographers.

Something I have always liked doing is to take flight shots, however I wanted to be more creative in what I was doing. Slimbridge is well known for its starling roosts over the winter months. I remember it last year being amazing to watch. Recently I have been talking and following Danny Green and I have seen his photograph titled "Starling Wave" which one the best in nature in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 Competition. I had decided in advance of going to Slimbridge, that I would try to something similar.

Like danny this is a project that I will continue over the next couple of months. As I think that this area may pay of in the long run.

To be Continued...