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Monday, 18 May 2009

Goals for the next couple of Months.

Over the next couple of months I have set myself some goals. These goals are to photograph birds that I have failed to photograph so far. To photograph this birds I am going to have to do some research into things such as:
  • Where they are - Habitat, Location, Environment.
  • Best time to photograph them. Time of day & year.
  • How easy are they to see and get close to.
  • There feeding habits. Where and when they like to eat.
These birds are such things as:

A kingfisher. 
A Dipper.
A Kestrel. 
A Gannet.
A Puffin - A decent shot of one in flight is what I am after.

I would also like to photograph some rarities as well. Amongst this are:

Crested Tits.

One of my main aims is to photograph the Elusive Red Squirrel as well. I remember when I was young in Birmingham, I used to see the all the time. I have heard that they are in and around Llandovery in the RSPB reserves. I will have to Investigate.


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