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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Trail Camera and Feeders

Recently I purchased a Trail camera so that I could see what other wildlife is in the forest, as there seems to be a lot of activity and some tracks in there. This I wanted to do as I want to photograph different wildlife on the farm other than the birds. I bought the camera from the website Flyonthewall check out the link. The camera is well made and has good resolution.

Today's findings

I went back to farm today to check the trail camera and to fill the feeders. Nothing has been to the camera location so have decided to move it to near the location where the 3 holes are.

Filled the feeders, also put two more feeders there. Rather than put fat balls there I have invested in a feeder, so that I can remove the nylon sacking around them as it is not very environmentally friendly.

I spent an hour sitting in the field in front of the location of the feed station. This I wanted to do to see how the natural light was hitting the branches where the birds were coming on to.

After doing this I have decided that I want to put a prop nearer the front of the station so that the birds have something to land on before they go to the feeders.

Equipment needed to do this:

2 x stakes

suitable branch for a perch

hammer and nails

Also need to get some more sunflower seeds as this seems to be the food which is bringing in the birds. I will mix this in with the other food to increase how many birds come to the feeders.

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