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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Talk by Andy Rouse and Laurie Campbell

I went to WWT slimbridge today for a workshop with Andy Rouse and guest speaker Laurie Campbell. It was fantastic to be in a room with two people whose work really inspires me to do what I do.

From this workshop I found out a lot of information. Although the room did have the odd geek in there, it was really good and as per usual Andy was on form. Laurie as I knew was quite reserved and quietly spoken. Both of them had some beautiful work and you can see why they are in the industry. It was really nice to see Laurie's work- especially the Sea Eagles of which he was one of the first photographers to photograph them.

What I really like about these two photographers is their morals and ethics within the field of wildlife photography, I only wish some photographers were as honest as they were.

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