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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Day 3 at the hide and the results

Got up early this morning with aim to be at the farm for 8 o'clock. I wanted to be taking pictures by 9 so I had to be on the ball. I got there and it was minus 3, however it was sunny and it seemed that it was going to be a nice day.

Everything went like clockwork today. Instead of using two tripods I decided on using one. I have considered whether to make a platform which I can attach my two heads to via manfrotto superclamps this would also allow me to have more room in the hide, and maybe allow a second person to come into the hide at the same time. Ultimately I would like to put a permanent hide there which would be longer and house around 3 people at any one time. This I need to put to Martin. The trail camera had been set off around 100 times this time. However I could not see most of what that it had seen as the flash that goes off at night seems rather bright. I think I need to move it back so that I get a bigger picture view.

The weather today was really good but the wind was really cold, it felt more like minus 10 at times. I deployed flash guns again this time and had decided that they would only be used when the light was not good.

The nuthatch was very busy today and also the woodpecker seems to be getting closer every time I visit. I need to fence off the hide so that I can leave it there permanently. This I think will allow the woodpecker to get used to it so that it will then hopefully come to the feeders. Also need to consider maybe putting some peanut butter somewhere close by to draw him in.

Happy with images today got some good shots of nuthatches and chaffinches.

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